Surviving a Crisis – Drop Prices or Stay the Course?

A few days back I conducted a poll on LinkedIn requesting my connections to choose between two options which they could potentially face while dealing with the Covid crisis. I received a decent response- 83 votes. The first option, viz., accepting a 20% lower price received more votes (58%), as compared to the second option, […]

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Credit Ratings and the Curious Case of Altico Capital

The Economic Times today (16 Sep 2019) reports an interesting news about the SEBI Chief blaming the banks for covering their exposure to Altico by netting off the fixed deposits of the company, held with them. Altico Capital India, a realty-focused non-banking lender, defaulted on nearly Rs 20 crore interest payment to Mashreq Bank on […]

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WeWork: A free lesson for Startups, worth at least $37 bn

WeWork, one of the biggest and fastest growing co-working space providers, has been in the news recently, mostly for wrong reasons. The company, and its CEO, had been in the news for long time. However, the coverage had largely been positive or neutral until recently. The company’s CEO Adam Neumann had developed a brand of […]

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Is “Scalability”​ merely an over-hyped jargon for growth?

Growth is a natural goal for almost all humans. In fact the desire to grow distinguishes us from other animals. The definition of Growth differs from individual to individual and also for the same individual, growth means different things at different times in his life. In the context of business, growth is always on an […]

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