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Investment Safeguard is your reliable partner in protecting your investment details and sharing them with your family members under any unfortunate circumstances.


Investment Safeguard is an android and iOS app to help individuals capture personal financial information and track investments in a secured way.


Founded in 2008, Piton is a IT product innovation company. Our products like WiseBolts Catalyst ERP® are being rapidly adopted by various types of industries as they are extremely flexible and easy to learn and adopt.


We also provide services specializing in enterprise digital transformation and enabling Industrial Internet-of-things.


Manifold’s eco-friendly alternative to plastic folders has multipurpose features. The firm is on a mission to eliminate the use of plastic in document holders/ professional folders.


Manifold’s eco-friendly folders are sold direct to retailers, through distributors, factory- direct and through ecommerce portals.


Mandar Sant, the consulting firm is engaged in diverse verticals of recruitment, digital marketing, branding and promotions, image consulting and modelling, and government Liasoning.


The firm’s clients range across small and medium businesses to large MNC corporations.


Xtraedge solutions are designed on the basic of “Contextual Learning”.  The learning curriculum is based on 3-tier integrated skill matrix which does not only develop skills in the present but prepare children to learn in the future.


The skill- building is achieved through engaging the child, igniting Curiosity, stimulating critical thinking, and developing problem solving capabilities.

Engineering Tech.jpg

The engineering and technology firm, set up by technocrats, developed several high-technology products for the Aerospace, Space and Defense markets.


The firm had developed a great track record in executing medium – sized defense contacts and was being invited to id for larger projects.

(Representative image, client name not disclosed)

Life Sciences.jpg

The life sciences data and process global leader offers data aggregation, stewardship, governance and analytics solutions to various stakeholders in the industry.


The firm acquired their India based vendor who engineered some of their critical products and planned to invest and grow the Indian subsidiary.

(Representative image, client name not disclosed)

Software SaaS.jpg

A fortune 50 MNC that offers AI – driven SaaS product improved pricing and conversions using ROI tool that demonstrated value delivered and customer ROI.


The MNC’s AI-driven product delivered using SaaS model delivers productivity gains to their three customer segments. The product is sold to companies globally.

(Representative image, client name not disclosed)

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