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About CFO Axis



Enterprise Systems

FinTech app for tracking personal finances

FinTech player accelerates go-to-market, improves pricing, and develops robust business forecast


A FinTech startup developed and launched an Android & iOS app to help individuals capture personal financial information and track investments in a secured way.

How the Solution Helped

CFO Axis helped create a tiered pricing structure for the app with differentiated membership plans. This improved the conversions because of better targeting of the customer micro-segments.

Supporting Visuals and Quotes

"We engaged CFO Axis for advice on building our financial model, business forecast and investor pitch. Shailendra's advice provided us valuable insights into our business, that helped us revise our pricing as well as the marketing strategy. We are happy to recommend him as a growth consultant and strategy advisor for any startup looking to scale profitably."

- Sandip Sanap, Founder and Director, IntellirichDevsoft Pvt Ltd.

Challenges and Objectives

The digital and other campaigns to drive app installations involved high costs and low conversions. The conversion of free registrants to premium subscribers was a challenge.


The solution enhanced customer lifetime value and accelerated the revenues. Robust financial modelling and forecasting helped manage operations with greater visibility and control.

Future Plans

The company has improved traction and generated interest from investors at an improved valuation.

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