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Shailendra's skills for giving out a plan for micro-managing your finances, Selecting a perfect customer segment for you, Giving you valuable inputs at the given point with respect to Your preparedness & that time's market conditions are really beneficial. His selective method of using Modern & traditional recipes in your business model helps you to achieve the next business levels very fast.

I should not miss one amazing point that he pins in every plan, that is investing reasonable amount in every project. This helps you to put in good financial disciplinary habits and using your investments for creative things which reap additional profits."

- Chief Consultant, M/s MANDAR SANT

[Consulting + Solutions

A ‘startup’ is a company that is confused about

1. What its product is.

2. Who its customers are.

3. How to make money.

– Dave McClure, 500Startups co-founder

An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrument.
Robert A. Rice Jr., author

The only people that a bank will loan money to are the very people who don’t need it.

Mark Twain, author

The investing networks are getting tighter which will drive better collaboration between funds to invest collectively in companies, rather than competing for the investments.



It is possible for a company to show net profit and a good ROI and go bankrupt. Over 80% of businesses fail because of cash flow challenges. The hurdles faced in financing the growth are the No. 1 reason for the failure of businesses.

As the business grows, the compliance-oriented accounting and financial systems are not able to cope up with the needs of the business. Many small and medium businesses lack financial forecasting and cash budgeting systems. The business decisions, such as investment in new initiatives, are made ad hoc without evaluating financial impact. There is no review of key business aspects except for a superficial review of compliance objectives.

We help entrepreneurs and business owners resolve these challenges in multiple ways.

  1. Implement robust financial forecasting and cash budgeting systems

  2. Use financial modeling for business decision-making, raising equity and valuation

  3. Thorough project analysis for sound investment decisions

  4. Access to low-cost debt funds through syndication

  5. Equity funding appropriate to the business lifecycle

  6. Pre-investment due- diligence for improved chances of success

The entrepreneurs and business owners benefit from our experience in many ways.

  1. A judicious mix of debt and equity for the optimum cost of capital

  2. Leverage virtual CFO capabilities at par with large enterprises

  3. Advisory board for oversight and achieving the long-term vision

  4. Strategic advice for funding from angel investors and private equity

  5. Improved investment decisions for new initiatives

  6. ‘Design for sale’ for improved valuation and ease of exit

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, who frequently encounters cash flow issues, faces uncertain risk & returns for new initiatives, or has a high cost of capital, do get in touch with us to know how we can help you.

Entrepreneurs believe that profit is what matters most in a new enterprise. But profit is secondary. Cash flow matters most.

Peter Drucker, one of the most widely-known and influential thinkers on modern management

If I had to run a company on three measures, those measures would be customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and cash flow.

Jack Welch, Chairman, and CEO of General Electric (GE)

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