Do you experience pressure on prices, reduced profit margins and stagnant revenues?

We help you generate higher revenues, enhance profitability and improve conversions, using our cross- industry pricing expertise, decision models and analytical capabilities

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Do you end up taking ad-hoc business decisions due to lack of visibility on key performance indicators?

We help you manage business performance and make well-informed decisions that are aligned with your business goals, using our cross-industry finance expertise and proprietary frameworks

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Do you experience challenges in regulatory compliance, leading to missed deadlines, fines and penalties?

We help you get full visibility on compliance activities, ownership, status and root cause of non-compliance, to control and manage regulatory risks

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Are you looking to improve your chances of securing investment in business at enhanced valuation?

We help you with assessment of your readiness for funding, financial modelling, business forecasting, investor pitch and end- to end support for the deal.

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Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

Deep Finance Expertise

Leverage experience in corporate finance and financial markets

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

Niche Focus On Finance

Focused on business finance where we have an edge

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

Proactive Involvement

Proactively involved in your important business decisions

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

Future Orientation

Leverage the past data to re-define the future of your business


We provide high-end strategic financial advice to entrepreneurs, startups and small & medium businesses


CFO Axis is promoted by CA Shailendra Marathe, a Chartered Accountant and Post Graduate of IIM Bangalore, with over 25 years global experience in finance & strategy. We provide strategic financial advice to entrepreneurs, startups and small & medium businesses.

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Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis


We offer high end strategic financial advice for pricing, business transformation, compliance management and preparing for investment.

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis
Strategic Pricing

Price your products and services for sales growth, higher profitability, reduced cost of customer acquisition, and increased business valuation

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis
Business Transformation

Transform finance function in line with business goals, get visibility of business performance and free your time for strategic initiatives

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis
Compliance Management

Proactively manage compliance with 24x7 visibility, identify problem areas, focus on high-priority tasks, and prevent penalties and fines

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis
Investment Readiness

Prepare your business for investment through pre-investment due diligence, improve readiness, and target higher business valuation


We offer high end strategic financial advice for pricing, business transformation, compliance management and securing investment.

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Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis Surviving a Crisis – Drop Prices or Stay the Course?

What's the best way to respond to a crisis like Covid? Should you drop your prices to protect volume of sales, or let the sales volume drop? The choice should be made after careful evaluation of a number of factors.
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Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis Is "Scalability"​ merely an over-hyped jargon for growth?

Growth is a natural goal for almost all humans. In fact the desire to grow distinguishes us from other animals. The definition of Growth differs from individual to individual and also for the same individual, growth means different things at different times in his life.
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Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis Credit Ratings and the Curious Case of Altico Capital

The Economic Times today (16 Sep 2019) reports an interesting news about the SEBI Chief blaming the banks for covering their exposure to Altico by netting off the fixed deposits of the company, held with them. Altico Capital India, a realty-focused non-banking lender, defaulted on nearly Rs 20 crore interest payment to Mashreq Bank on 12th September.
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